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India is agriculture based country and it plays an important role in driving the state of Indian economy. The impact of agriculture is not only on the production of food grains, vegetables and fruits, but on so many agriculture dependent industries which get its raw material from agriculture sector. A good monsoon would drive the SENSEX raging as bull, while floods or other such calamities would bring it to a grinding halt.
In recent years, Indian state of agriculture has improved a lot and it has started using state of art farming methodology, genetically improved seeds and cross bred varieties for high yield.

Nature of Work

Following are major career areas in the field of agriculture:


First and foremost requirement for choosing Agriculture as a career is the interest in this area, knack for agri based industry and field, ability to withstand the pressure and uncertainties and attitude for helping people and educating them.
Another important trait required is love for the outfields, stay in rural india and far from the fast urban world.

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