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Aviation refers to all activities involving the operation of aircrafts. Aviation courses in India deal with Flying Operation (jobs performed by Pilots), Aircrew (such as Air Hostesses), Aircraft, Air Traffic Management, Technical aspects of Flight, Aviation Safety, Regulatory Policies and economics of airport. Civil Aviation courses (as opposed to the Indian Air Force, that is, the air wing of the Indian armed forces) are necessary for those wishing to work in government or regulatory bodies of aviation or those planning to work as aviation consultants. All aviation courses in India are supposed to comply with the rules laid down by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
Careers in the aviation industry are much sought after as they are very well paid. Not too many people go in for careers in aviation as the courses are very expensive. However with student loans and high pay packages once one finishes the course and gets a job, that is a lesser problem nowadays.

Nature of Work

The nature of work is different for different types of workers in the aviation industry. Whereas being a pilot or an air hostess is most advertised, there are other equally lucrative options in the aviation industry. The aviation courses focus on some aspects of the work like airline customer support, flight attending rules, the nuances of the air transport industry, cargo marketing and management, transportation of perishable cargo, ticket reservation, regulation of traffic, customer relationship, cargo reservations, attendance of flight, flight and ground instruction, cockpit resource management, federal regulation and the federal laws on aviation, aerodynamics and the basic concepts of flying, advanced navigation procedures, multi engine flight instruction, crew synchronization, aviation safety, aviation administration and meteorology.
The nature of the work, entails in several posts like those of pilot, air hospitality attendants like air hostesses and flight stewards, cabin crew, travelling all over the world.


Air hostesses and flight stewards need to have a hospitable and pleasant personality. One of the common problems faced by air hospitality attendants is that the passengers misbehave with them. Air hospitality attendants need to have a strong personality to deal with such problems in a strong manner and rebuke the passengers without becoming excessively rude.
As for the technical staff and for almost all jobs in the aviation sector, one must be able to work at different times of the day. One may have to work night shifts and sometimes may have to spend more than 24 hours without sleeping. Pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers also need to have a high level of concentration and focus as there is a lot of minute observation and immediate response required in such technical posts and these are also positions of great responsibility as the lives of the passengers depends on the proper functioning of the air plane which is ensured by the minute and thorough work of those involved in such work.

Professional Courses

Professional courses are available for both those wishing to work in technical sectors of the aviation industry as well as for those wishing to work in non technical sectors of the aviation industry like those involved in air hospitality like air hostesses and flight stewards.


The eligibility for technical courses is Physics, Chemistry and Maths till class 12 in school.
For air hospitality careers, the eligibility is generally appearing for the class 12 board examinations though some institutes require physics, chemistry and maths till class 12.
Some of them also require a certain physical height in order to be eligible to become air hostesses. The practice is widely criticised as it has no necessity.

Colleges, Institutions and Universities

Some of the institutes offering aviation courses are as follows:

Bombay University or Mumbai University now offers a 3 year B.Sc. course in aviation. The course is being conducted by the Institute of Aviation and Aviation Safety (IAAS), an educational wing of the Mumbai based Federation of Indian Pilots. This course also trains students to be pilots and thus also offers commercial pilot's licenses (CPL) if one wishes to become a pilot. The fees for such a course including the charges for getting a CPL are very high - Rs 12 lakh for the three year course.
Courses for air hostesses and flight stewards are offered by the following institutes:


The specialisation options in the technical sector are at an advanced level. For instance, one can specialise in air traffic management and in cabin control amid a lot of other specialisations.

Career Growth and Prospects

Airports are being upgraded (some by being privatised) and there is a major thrust in the aviation sector from the central and state governments. With the Indian airports becoming bigger and busier, new jobs are opening up rapidly. With the extremely lucrative nature of these jobs, the prospects for a career in the aviation industry are extremely bright.


The remuneration for those in the aviation industry is extremely high. This is primarily because careers in the aviation industry require a lot of special skills. All technical jobs are highly specialised. Pilots, too, are one of the highest earners in the country with senior pilots being paid approximately 4.5 lakh rupees to 5 lakh rupees per month. Non technical jobs such as those of air hostesses are well paid too. Even fresh starters get paid approximately Rs 16,000 per month.
The fees for aviation courses are very steep as well. However, student loans are easily available and the loan can be easily repaid off in six months' time after one gets a job in the aviation industry.
An added benefit of being in the aviation industry especially for pilots, cabin crew, air hospitality attendants like flight stewards and air hostesses, is the chance to visit places all over the world as part of the work requirements. This is an attractive feature of careers in the aviation industry.

How to find a Job?

Most institutes offering aviation courses also have placement cells. Recruitments are made through campus placements. One can also apply to the major airlines in India like Indian, Spice Jet, Deccan Aviation, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Alliance Air and Air Sahara. With new airline companies coming up frequently, getting jobs in the aviation industry is not a problem as the nature of the jobs are specialised and there are few skilled practitioners.

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