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Event management is a glamorous and exciting profession which demands a lot of hard work and dynamism. As the name suggests, it means conceptualizing, planning, organizing and finally executing an event. The event could be of any type - musical show, concert, exhibition, product launching etc. This industry is just five years old in India, but holds a lot of promise for expansion. It offers enormous scope for ambitious young people.

Nature of Work

Event management is very closely related to advertising and marketing. Events can be thought of as another means of advertising and brand building. Event management, as an activity constitutes of visualization, creativity, meticulous planning and venue management.
Visualization involves imagining the event to be a brand and then customizing and promoting it as per the needs and values of the brand. This requires a lot of creativity, originality and novel ideas to lend a winning and distinguishing edge to the event so that it stands apart from the others. The creative potential of a person is tapped to a very high degree.
To make an event successful, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the product or brand for which the event is being organized, and then plan accordingly. The execution of the event is a process of projecting a small idea in a whole new way. The presentation is what matters, to make the look and feel of the event a wonderful experience for the audience.
There is a lot of logistics involved in managing of any event. It boils down to the management and co-ordination of services and supplies. During event planning, one needs to consider all the technical details like - projection of lights, sound effects and other special effects to make the event a spectacle.
The design value is a major planning consideration as well, and this includes a logo creation for the event, customizing the decor, furniture and the entire surroundings in such a way that it blends with the basic theme of the event.
After planning comes the actual execution part, which needs to be orchestrated in a perfect manner. The venue needs to be managed efficiently in all domains which include managing the banquet area, placing security personnel at the right places, hospitality and all the other small things which provide all the participants a perfectly comfortable feeling.


A person who is creative, has organizational skills, enjoys meeting people to form good inter-personal relationships and is willing to work hard to experience the thrill of achievement is rightly suited to enter into this industry.
This is a profession which demands perfection, challenge of meeting deadlines within a stipulated time and budget and the patience to pay attention to every small detail of things that go into the organizing. It keeps a person on his toes, and ultimately provides a great deal of satisfaction and emotional contentment of having organized a successful show which is appreciated by the audience. Of course, one also needs to be prepared to handle any mishaps that may just happen at the last minute despite perfect co-ordination and arrangements.

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