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The virtual world of Internet is known as cyberspace and the laws governing this area are known as Cyber Laws and all the netizens of this space come under the ambit of such laws as these laws carry a kind of universal jurisdiction.
In today's techno-savvy environment, the world is becoming more and more digitally sophisticated and so are the crimes. Internet was initially developed as a research and information sharing tool, and meant to be a pool of knowledge but it was in an unregulated manner. As the time is passing by it is becoming more transactional with e-business, e-commerce, e-governance and e-procurement etc. All the legal issues related to the internet crimes are being dealt through the Cyber-Laws. As the number of internet users is on increase with the changing times, the need for cyber laws and their application is gathering a great momentum.
India has passed an IT Act 2000, which has laid down stringent laws against those committing cyber crimes like hacking, credit card frauds, cyber stalking, blackmailing, pornography and the crimes related to Intellectual Properties, Copyrights, and Trademarks etc. So now there is a new field, opening up as a branch of law i.e. the Cyber Law. More and more youngsters would like to opt for this branch of law as the technology firms are growing up along with the dotcoms, which would provide these Cyber Lawyers a lucrative job opportunity. Now all the electronic records would be kept under a legal framework of Cyber Laws.

Nature of Work

A cyber lawyers has to crack down cyber crimes like hacking,credit card fruads,protecting digital signatures to safeguard business transactions or encryption codes or electronic records etc.He has to deal with the cases of Intellectual Property laws or Copyrights, Software patents, Net Banking etc


One who wants to be a cyber lawyers should have the capability of analysing the problem along with an eye for details. Intellecutal ability as well as ability to assimilate and observe, is also one of the pre-requisite. The person should be adept in handling computers and should be well informed with changing times. He should be quick witted and needs to be oriented to look web as an information provider.

Professional Courses

The courses carry a multi-disciplinary task as it a multi dimensional subject. While studying such a subject one needs to acquire knowledge of technology as well as laws governing Personal Laws, Telecom Laws, Company Laws and Intellectual Property Laws. These courses are oriented to support e-business. There are many short term and long term courses available online or offline, in this exotic subject of Cyber Laws.


These courses would be helpful to all those who want to be aware with the world of Internet and work in modern technological environment.
As an individual one can study about Cyber Laws to know about ones rights and the kind of help available when ones rights are violated. Lawyers and law students can study about Cyber Laws to have an edge over the others and help themselves to move along with changing techno-legal times. Studying Cyber Laws can help the IT Professionals to provide better organizational security to their firms and let them know about the better legal aspects of the issues related to e-business. Even chartered accountants and banking professionals can gain by studying about the Cyber Laws.
To opt for a course in Cyber Law you should have passed your Higher Secondary (10+2) exams and to pursue a Post Graduate course one needs an LLB degree.
You should be able to work with lots dexterity and dedication and should have proper knowledge of Cyber world and its ways along with the commitment to learn its different aspects. To have a deep knowledge of the subject you can also work as an intern in some nich&eacute law firm.

Colleges, Institutions and Universities

Some institutes offering professional courses in Cyber-Laws are:
  1. Symbiosis society's Law College, Pune, and NALSAR University (
  2. Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune (
  3. Indian Institute of Information and Technology, Allahabad (
  4. Center for Distance Education, University of Hyderabad (
  5. Amity Law School, Delhi. (
  6. Department of Law, University of Delhi (
  7. National Law School of India, University Bangalore-72. (
  8. National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University of Law, Hyderabad-27. ( )
  9. Cyber Law College NAAVI in Chennai, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore and Bangalore (

Career Prospects

As this branch of law is gaining a stronger foothold, several job opportunities are on their way for those who would like to be " Sherlock Holmes" on the Internet. Apart from being a full-fledged lawyer, one can get the job of


Salaries of this new age breed of techno-savvy legal eagles can range from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000 in a solicitor's firm. If one is able to find a job in a corporate or a law firm one can earn from Rs. 20000 to a handsome amount of Rs. 40000.

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