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The twentieth century has seen modeling rise to prominence and develop into a thriving industry. Up until the mid -eighties, modeling was split into two main divisions: show / ramp and photographic. Ramp models were tall sylph-like creatures with a penchant for sauntering down the catwalk. Ramp models had to walk well and master their pivots and turns. They needed make-up skills as they often required to do their own hair and make-up.

Nature of Work

Models would usually specialise in one area of work. Today, most models work in all fields of high fashion modeling including catwalk, commercials, videos and photographic work for fashion magazines and advertising campaigns. Models appear to live life in the fast lane but their lives are physically grueling. Demanding schedules, stress of travel and fierce competition takes a heavy toll of a model's career. Location shoots can be exciting but often models have to get up for hairstyling and make-up well before dawn, and then stand for hours in sweltering heat or 10 degree below freezing point.
Modeling demands no specific academic qualifications. Very few young girls can handle the pace, competition or rejection and it takes a girl with special qualities to succeed. One must have stamina and tenacity to be able to deal with the problems of traveling and being away from home. Academic qualifications are definitely recommended.


A photographic model would need to be photogenic as well as have the right height and vital statistics. Girls aspiring to be fashion models should ideally be above 5' 7" or 5' 8" in height and the perfect 10 in vital statistics with good hair and skin, expressive eyes, even teeth with a complete lack of self-consciousness.

Boys should be at least 5' 10" tall , with clear complexion, straight carriage, well-proportioned physique , even teeth and good hair. Attitude, self-confidence, determination and stamina are very important. As the emphasis moved away from formal poses, a model had to be able to move well and be spontaneous in front of the camera.

Professional Courses

There are many modeling schools which help with deportment and personality development, teach make-up and related techniques, help in getting together a portfolio, and familiarize you with the industry and may coordinate entry.

Colleges, Institutions and Universities


Career Prospects

There is a boom in the international fashion industry these days. Modelling is one of the few industries where the earning power of women is higher than that of men. This is largely due to the fact that men's fashion and fragrance markets are considerably smaller than the women's.
The media has only recently turned its attention to the new generation of male models who are well on their way to commanding the hype and earning power enjoyed by their female counterparts. Super males are fast heading towards celebrity status. Smart men know it is lucrative and can act as a springboard to other exciting professions. Male modeling market expanded with the growth of the international men's clothing industry. As foreign and local brands of men's clothing, accessories and cosmetics are flooding the Indian market, the male modeling scene is becoming vibrant.
A model could get rich quick and stay around for a comparatively long time by selecting the right kind of work, spacing out ad campaigns to avoid overexposure. Changing your look in terms of hairdo, and style lf make-up can give you a new lease all over again. Models today thrive on multiple challenges of modeling, product endorsements, acting, television anchoring / presenting and establishing modeling agencies and training schools.
Modeling is a self- centered career and a model has to constantly take care of self. Each job can be your last so try and learn from each job and it can be educational, lucrative, and confidence building too.


Models in India are usually paid for an entire campaign or for the duration of the contract, except for fashion shows and catalogues where they are paid on day-to-day basis. A top model's fee for a show could be upward of Rs 25,000 or lakhs of rupees for an ad campaign. A model's fees depends upon his / her ratings, experience and the state of the fashion / advertising business.

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