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Goods that are produced or manufactured have to reach the ultimate consumers and retailing is the process through which it is done. Retailing comes at the end of the supply chain and the goods reach the consumers for their final use. Gone are the days when retailing was confined only to a local kiryana store or a small shop or kiosk or a boutique.
With the economy opening up, the face of retailing is undergoing a drastic and a vibrant change and fast catching up with the international standards.
According to a survey by A.T.Kearney Indian retail industry is one the biggest in the world with a sales of around $7.2 trillion and places India 6th in the Global Retail Development Index. According to CII, the organized retailing is expected to touch Rs. 1,10,000 crore by 2010. It is further expected this sector would provide employment to around 12,50,000 people in the next 5 years as more and more new Shopping Malls would be set up with each Mall requiring 5000 persons of various skills. So the Indian retail saga is all set to unfold and ready to reap the benefits.
Types of Retailing
There are three major types of retailing:
  1. Market: It is a physical location where buyers and sellers get together to buy or sell a product. It mainly involves temporary structures or stalls, known as Mandi, Haat.
  2. Shops: This may include counter service or self-service.
  3. Virtual markets: Here products are ordered via Mail, Online or on Telephone.

Nature of Work

This sector offers a plethora of career opportunities. With the Shopping-Mall culture on rise the whole style of shopping is witnessing a drastic and stimulating change. Retailers require skilled and professional personnel to meet the growing demand. One can choose a job from the diverse range of occupations in the retail sector.


Professional Courses

There are courses like:
Various issues related to this subject are taught here like location, assortment, positioning of store, customer service, store management etc. Large retail outlets have their own training programs.
The apex body in retail sector in India, Retail Association of India (RAI), has started online program in retailing to train people to work in this sector. It has an e-portal in collaboration with Gurukul Online Learning Solutions, which also provides essential information regarding this sector.
The area of study of these courses include the following subjects:

Colleges, Institutions and Universities

  1. Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (IILM) offers a two-year full time course in retail management with Pantaloon Retail India Limited.
    Institute for Integrated Learning in Management
    16, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida - 201 306
  2. Indian Retail School offers one year advanced programmes in Retail Management and Retail Entrepreneurship and two-year programme in Lifestyle Retailing
    Images Pearl Retail Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Site 2, Pocket OCF, Sector C, Vasant Kunj.
    Nelson Mandela Road.
    Delhi - 110070.
  3. Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) offers 3-month weekend certificate courses for any graduates in any discipline. It also offers one-year post-graduate diploma courses in retail management as well.
    Loyola Institute of Business Administration(LIBA),
    Loyola College
  4. Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad offers a 12-month full-time post-graduate certificate programme in retail communication management.
    Mudra Institute of Communications
    Ahmedabad - 380005
  5. Welingkar Institute of Management, Centre for Retail Studies, Mumbai offers a variety of programmes in retail.
    These include:
    • Professional Program in Retailing
    • Diploma in Retail Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
    L N Road
    Near Matunga Central Railway Station
    Matunga East
  6. K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai offers a Diploma in Retail Management.
    K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research Vidyanagar
  7. Delhi University also offers a graduation degree in retail management (


One can specialize as Retail Manager, Store Development Manager, Product Developer, and Floor Manager. For all this one needs to have an M.B.A or equivalent degree or Post-Graduate Diploma in Retail management.


One should be a graduate from a recognized Indian University (preferably in marketing coupled with knowledge like apparel manufacturing, shoe and leather goods, designing, product packaging which will be an added advantage). One should be good at handling computers and should have sound knowledge of accounting and inventory management. People with academic background of fashion technology, marketing, finance management, supply chain management, HR, customer service and advertising also have good prospects in this industry. For some specific posts like supervisors one needs to have a Postgraduate Degree/Diploma in Retail Management from a recognized Indian University.


Salaries at the entry level range from Rs 75,000 to Rs 100,000 per annum which can go up to Rs 200,000 - Rs 250,000 in one or two years. MBA's from a reputed B-school can earn around Rs.600,00 per annum while others can earn around Rs. 300,000 to Rs 400,000 per annum. But the actual amount received and its hike depends on the performance of the individual.

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