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Have you ever imagined that speaking can fetch you such an exciting and high-paying job where you can not only express yourself but also bring about a stark difference in the lives of other people? If you are looking for something unconventional and interesting, welcome to the world of Motivational Speaking! Let us make the best use of the gift of speech that makes us superior to all other living beings. We have always held great speakers in high regard and that is evident throughout history. From education to the field of politics, good speakers are always appreciated for their efforts and ability to motivate people to the right way of life. Their words act as holy hymns that touch the lives of millions of people and inspire them to live their dreams and achieve their goals.
A motivational speaker is a normal human being like any one of us but he possesses certain superior skills of speech that he exercises in order to develop a positive attitude among his audiences. He is no different from you. A motivational speaker is not born with the talent; he develops it in him through practice and proper guidance. You too can be a motivational speaker with the required energy in you and the right attitude towards life. A career in motivational speaking is fun, and you can soon realize it. You have both freedom and financial prosperity in this job hence it is different. Few jobs today offer you so many benefits. A business in motivational speaking brings in a handsome flow of cash and makes you your own boss. Every time you deliver those thundering speeches, people applaud to show their admiration and look up to you in awe. In addition to those green bucks, you also get respect and love of people that in turn motivate you to progress in your job.

Nature of Work

Breaking into a career in motivational speaking has no hard and fast rule. However, you can follow certain easy steps whereby you are acquainted with a systematic approach to the job. A good speaker has to arrest the attention of his audience. He can do so only if he succeeds in relating to them and their lives. This is why the first thing you should practice as a motivational speaker is to speak about your life and achievements. It is almost preparing an inventory of your life experiences where you make your listeners familiar with your educational background, your professional achievements, and personal interests like falling in love or raising children, overcoming a bad habit, or even fulfilling your dreams. It is not strictly essential to enrich your speech with stories of extraordinary achievements; ordinary achievements in life can also form the basic material for motivational speeches. If you share incidents of your life where you had to face hardships and sail through obstacles in order to realize your dreams, people can connect with you even more and feel inspired.
The one and only aim of a motivational speaker is to inspire people and instill in them a new vigor to set up their goals and set foot towards achieving those goals. A successful speaker must know and identify how his speeches are working wonders in people's lives. Your speech shall help in solving their problems and improving their lives for better. People often do not pay attention to amateur speakers. They are least unlikely to believe your words if you try to convince them directly that you can solve all their problems and help them get rich. People find it more useful in listening to experts. An expert too, however, has to start from the very start. Therefore it is necessary that you develop leadership qualities in you so that your audience do not reject you even before hearing you.
The core of your success depends on the response of the audience. In order to become a motivational speaker, you have to be the people's man. A proper guidance and training in this field helps you in developing a niché by dint of which you can distinguish your audience according to age, gender, industry, interests, or geographic location, and address them accordingly. For instance, in schools and colleges, the target of your speech is the youth. For interacting with them you have to adopt ways that are distinctly different from those which you will use in professional organizations. School and college students have impressionistic minds and speeches delivered to them have a faster and more effective impact. You have to exercise tact in motivating them to be disciplined, to stay within school premises, to say 'no' to drugs, and suitable career advice. It is the job of a good motivational speaker to measure his words in accordance with the situation and more importantly, the audience.

Eminent Personalities

If you are thinking that motivational thinking is something that interests not many like you, then you are wrong. It is one of those exceptional fields where the speaker is able to transfer his level of energy to his listeners so much so that they become keenly involved and take every bit of the interactive session with equal seriousness. In most cases eminent personalities in this field are seen to belong from the field of management and studies related to it. India is a country which is developing rapidly and there are several motivational speakers who are of Indian origin, some of whom also reside in India.
So whether it is Arindam Chaudhuri or Shiv Khera or Deepak Chopra, there are many motivational speakers of Indian origin who are there to give you inspiration and perhaps keep you company too!

Professional Courses

There is no special education system for a career in motivational speaking. Neither do you require a former experience in the field. All you need is a strong desire and a positive attitude that will take you to the heights of success. It is such a job where you can serve people belonging to various fields of profession. You can advice people on how to succeed in business, help them in improving their relationships, become healthy, and achieve financial and moral progress. You can choose from a range of fields where there are fruitful opportunities for motivational speakers. You can speak fore corporate training programs, conferences and conventions, seminar companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, trade shows, adult education classes, college events, schools, and even cruise ships.
A sincere motivation is required at all steps and that comes from an efficient motivational speaker. Despite there being a lack of professional courses concerning motivational speaking management schools all over India provide the opportunity to students to better their oratory skills as part of their educational structure. So whether it is the FORE School of Management or any Institute of Management, management schools are the best centres where aspirants can acquire this skill.


If you are aiming to be a motivational speaker of great caliber and repute then writing is a valuable practice for you. It enriches your speech and provides food for thought. Great speaking is largely accompanied by good writing. The computer-aided world has left almost nothing beyond our reach. Today you have several online sites that provide useful resources to help you in writing those excellent speeches. People pay to hear you so you need to polish your skills so as not to disappoint them. You should be able to articulate our unique experiences correctly and explain your intentions in inspiring people, exactly. Motivational speaking on a professional level needs confidence, credibility and enthusiasm. It is natural for a speaker to feel nervous in front of his audience but with proper guidance you can overcome your fears and deliver brilliant speeches. Various organizations across the country help aspiring individuals in developing good speaking skills. You can join these institutions for a professional training in the field where you can learn and practice everything you require to know as a motivational speaker.
Specialization in the field of motivational speaking is breaking newer grounds every day. The areas of communication skills, team building expertise and body kinesics are gradually gaining a lot of importance and any aspiring motivational speaker can specialize in these aspects. Motivational speakers can also find a lot of scope in areas as new and innovative as accent neutralization.

Career Growth and Prospects

Preparing yourself with a written copy of your speech and lots of confidence, you can approach the potential employers who hire motivational speakers. These employers are mainly corporate companies, conventions and conferences, government agencies, schools and colleges, seminar companies, trade shows, and non-profit organizations. Another effective way in which you can reach out to people by means of your talent is through speakers bureaus that can find work for you. You can also put up your articles on a website or publish them in local newspapers and magazines, an adequate promotional strategy. If you have the necessary resources you can start off your own venture in motivational speaking where you are free to work on your own instead of being subordinated by someone else.
While delivering speeches that cater to motivate people, you can never afford to falter in your voice or mode of presentation. You must speak clearly and if needed, repeat your main messages for complete understanding. Your diction and intonation must be clear and distinct. You need not always use flowery language and complex words to ornament your speech. Simple words spoken emphatically can bring about required results, too. Your style of speaking should be so adapted as to get across people's understanding and knowledge. Motivational speaking does not call for an exhibition of your knowledge, it is all about how you inspire people and make their lives better. It is important that you earn their trust which will automatically fetch you their attention and interest. Your speech must not be monotonous and your voice should not sound draining. Keep your speech fun and lively. Participation of the audience is important. It enables you to interact with them and fosters better ways of learning for adults. Collective activities make them feel a part of the entire program and therefore facilitate motivational learning.


Motivational speakers in general are hired on a contractual basis. In most cases they remain attached to a place for not more than a few days or few weeks. The pay method in case of motivational speakers is much like consultants, who can work with several organizations at the same time. Due to the contractual nature of hiring remuneration cannot be gauged and an average can also not be found out. This is because how much a motivational speaker earns is largely dependant on how many organizations he is connected with and how much work he is ready to take on, on a personal basis.

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